What is this thing?
ExceptError does only one thing and it does it well. It lets you copy and paste your Java stack trace from the console or your IDE, and immediately makes it clickable, enabling you to jump directly into source code.

Why did we build it?
Not unlike other software engineers, we spend a lot of time running down exceptions. If an exception happens in the comfort of your own source code, that's usually a manageable task. However, if it happens inside a third-party library and you don't have their source code handy, good luck figuring it out! We built ExceptError to help with the latter. We hope ExceptError can help streamline the debugging process and save you time.

When I copy and paste my stacktrace, nothing happens. What's up with that?
Although it looks like text, what you're pasting is actually HTML. The exact HTML that gets pasted varies from browser to browser, and also depends on whether you're copying your stacktrace from Eclipse, Console, StackOverflow, etc. Sometimes that extra HTML throws off our parsing.

If your stacktrace isn't being parsed out correctly, and you're using Chrome, you can try "Paste and Match Style" instead of the regular "Paste". You can also try first pasting the stacktrace to Notepad as plain-text, and then copying it from there.

Of course, javascript should be enabled in your browser also :)

Why do I get "no matches found" for some elements?
Most likely we just don't have that code in our index yet.

This is kinda cool! How does this thing work?
We built a specialized code search engine to do this. But unlike a normal search engine, it uses information derived from the entire stacktrace for context. This enables us to jump to the right version and to the right code with a high level of precision.

This is really cool! How do we get in touch with you?
We are a small team of passionate software engineers. If you have suggestions, ideas for improvement, or just want to chat about technology, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at info@excepterror.com.